Portrait Procedure and Fees 

​Although my classical training involved painting from life exclusively on a daily basis for many years I understand how difficult this is to arrange with today's responsibilities, schedules and travel. I trust that my past and continued experience in drawing and painting from life allows for the flexibility to execute a beautiful portrait with the assistance of photo references to accommodate my clients needs and so although situations differ, my preferred process typically include the following steps. 

1. An initial consultation to discuss size, setting, clothing, pose, and details (such as the inclusion of a pet, prop etc). This may be done by phone and email. 

2. Ideally, an in person "get to know each other visit" and photo session. This may take place at a client's home, business, location of their choice, or my Florence, Italy studio. If this is impossible due to distance, a skype call will provide the opportunity to meet and to explain the process for the best photography. Please NEVER use a flash for these photos.

 3. I will later submit a selection of the best choices to the client so we may agree on expression and pose by selecting the favourite images. 

4. The painting will be created in my Florence studio using quality oil pigments on panel in traditional method, with the intention that this portrait will be enjoyed by generations to come. 

Fee Guidelines (sizes are approximate only as they will depend on the best composition)

Small Portrait Oil Sketch 20cmx30cm €1200 and up
Head and shoulders 30cmx40cm €2850 and up
Partial figure with hands 40cmx50cm €3500 and up
Full figure 50cmx70cm €4000 and up
Additional person...plus 50%
Additional animal...price on enquiry
Additional prop (book, golf club, etc)...price on enquiry
Pricing depends on the complexity of subject and pose.
​Fees are in Euro and do not include framing, or travel and shipping expenses (if required, please request a quote in another currency). Preliminary costs such as travel are billed as incurred and a non-refundable deposit of 40% is due when painting begins. The balance is due upon completion and final approval of the portrait.